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Following in Hovhannes Badalyan’s footsteps
Posted 09-12-2011
His art lives on and continues to educate the generations.
In light of the 85th anniversary of People’s Artist of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic Hovhannes Badalyan, Aram Khachatryan Home-Museum organized a screening of the documentary film “Following in his Footsteps”, which was followed by the presentation of a “Song Book” and a CD featuring the Armenian tenor’s performances. The book includes more than 50 songs that one of the legendary Armenian singers performed at the time. The event was held with the participation of several renowned artists, singers, musicians and music lovers.

“I am a simple, honest man”-this is how Hovhannes Badalyan describes himself in the beginning of the film. As you take a look at the Hovhannes Badalyan’s life, you unquestionably believe him. He was born in the Shavarin village of Iran and managed to settle in the homeland in a short amount of time. He had a great love for Armenia, the native land.

The documentary film “Following in his Footsteps” tells about the People’s Artist’s long career in music and the many hardships that he faced during his repatriation. The film features appearances by his friends, his wife, Margarita Bakunts, as well as his colleagues Ruben Matevosyan, Jivan Gasparyan, Konstantin Orbelyan, Arsen Grigoryan (Mro) and others.

Margarita Bakunts, wife of the singer who died a decade ago, says Hovhannes Badalyan couldn’t stop singing because singing songs, especially Armenian folk songs was his mission in life.

“The film was shot for nearly a year. It presents the great artist, my father. I thank everyone who helped create the film and the “Song Book”,” the singer’s elder daughter, Anahit Badalyan said after the film screening.

We mention that the film “Following in his Footsteps” was created by the singer’s grandchildren Anna and Sona Khandyan, and shootings had taken place in Armenia and the United States.

“I would like Armenian youth to be healthy, maintain their independence and keep the national traditions alive,” the great artist says in his message to the youth at the end of the film.

It should be mentioned that Hovhannes Badalyan outstood the rest with not only new songs, but also his new way of performing those songs. Today, Badalyan’s students follow in his footsteps, and one of the students, Arsen Grigoryan (Mro) has established the school of Armenian song named after Hovhannes Badalyan with more than 40 students.

P.S.: Hovhannes Badalyan was born in 1921 in the Iranian village of Shavarin. He studied at the Romanos Melikyan Music School (1946-49) and graduated from Yerevan Conservatory in 1986. He was a solo singer for the State Song-Dance Ensemble of Armenia (1949-54), the Folk Instruments Ensemble of the State Television and Radio Committee of the Republic of Armenia (1954-2001) and lectured at Yerevan Conservatory (1982-2001). He also gave many concerts abroad.

Badalyan’s songs included the songs by classical and contemporary Armenian composers, including Khachatur Avetisyan’s “Vortegh Gtnem Kez” (Where Should I Find You), “Yerp Kanchum Es Indz” (When You Call Me), Aram Satyan’s “Yes Im Anush Hayastani” (My Sweet Armenia), Nikol Galanteryan’s “Du Norits Yekel Es” (You Came Again), “Apsosank” (Pity), the folk song “Horovel”, “Sareri Hovin Mernem”, as well as troubadours’ songs the performances of which strike the eye with their lyricism and fine modulations.

Gallery: Hovhannes Badalyan: “Following in his Footsteps”

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